Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Picnic

We spent yesterday at my sister's farm for a family picnic and horseback riding. Today we took my baby to college. =0( It was a very sad day. I am proud of him but it's so hard to take your child somewhere and leave him there. We are all kind of weepy now. I know he'll do well though.

Here are some pics of my sister's horses. Beautiful aren't they? We had a great time. I haven't ridden in awhile so I'm very sore today. But I'd love to go right back tomorrow.

oh wait. . . how'd he get there? LOL!!! That is Spike, a.k.a. Spikers, a.k.a. Spik-a-licious, a.k.a. Fart Blossom. He went on the ride with us and had a great time.

We kept the little ones in the pasture.

Just some lovely flowers at her gate:

Oh and a pic of the beach. . . it was so wonderful.
And a quilt finish. This one goes to hubby.


Anonymous said...

Loved the photos of the horses..beautiful..also the photo of the quilt for husband. I can see that done in many colorways.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what beautiful horses! Your pictures are so wonderful! Feels like I am there! The beach looked heavenly, so relaxing!! Your husband's quilt looks very snuggly. Great job, I'm sure he loves it.