Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sewing Pouch

I whipped this pattern up last night. And I do mean whipped. Excluding the embroidery which took about 30 minutes this sweet little pouch whipped up FAST! It was so easy. Pattern courtesy of Noodleheads. (Thank you, Anna!) I used her pencil pouch and modified the dimensions a bit. I can throw some handsewing pieces in here with a needle, thread, and scissors and carry this in my purse. I also made it to coordinate with my sewing caddy (pictured below). It will go in there for longer trips. The embroidery is from Red Brolly stitched on a wonderful linen/cotton blend sent to me from Elyte.


Kathleen Tracy said...

This is very sweet!

Elyte said...

Lovely pouch Robyn and glad you could use that linen. I will have a look at that web site. Those little pouches could be very handy.