Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've been sew busy!

Sew busy making clothes that is. I've been bitten by the clothes bug hard. It helps that my daughter needs clothes for school and frankly everything they sell in the stores either looks like it came from a garbage dump or I'm outfitting a tramp-in-training! I can't believe the clothes out there. I wanted clothes that look like little girl clothes, sweet and original, no sparkles/sequins, suggestive words or words on the butt, no midriff or skintight, etc. Well it seems my only option was make them. And it's been fun. The best part is my daughter loves them. So for now I'll keep making them ;0).

Here is a little top, just a simple pull over made with organic cotton.

This outfit features a kimono style top and slip on shorts.

This top has a simple yoke and three buttons on the back. I had fun with the buttons let me tell you but I'm learning as I go. I'm making this one again in the new Far Far Away fabric. I hope to finish it this weekend. The shirt in this outfit is the same as the pullover (the first shirt) with an added waistband of elastic for a little flare. The jeans are a simple pull-on crop jean with eyelet lace around the bottom.

But I've still found time for quilting. This was a small quilt challenge with the Small Quilt group that I am a part of. I hand quilted this in Baptist Fans. I'm very proud of it.


Anonymous said...

Love the kimino top with shorts, great to see that home sewing for children still happens. Wonderful stuff!!! Also from a previous blog entry, just love your Abundant Bloom quilt, so simple, it looks great. Merilyn

Cheryl said...

How sweet and modest! I love your description of the apparel out there for young girls! Love your 1800"s QAL also. Welcome to blogland. I am now a follower. Come visit me.

Barbara J said...

You amaze me Robyn with your varied talents!

The dresses for your daughter are perfect for little girls and the fact she likes them gives credit to your skill!

I love your 1800s VQ but you know that already :)

Kathie said...

love your little outfits very cute!
oh you should be proud of your little quilt
perfect hand quilted with baptist fans I LOVE It!

Susan said...

I agree with you about the clothes available to purchase. If I wanted jeans that looked already worn I would go to the thrift shop instead of paying more for them in the store.

Your daughter is lovely and you have made some nice things for her to wear and enjoy. I made all of my daughter's clothes till she reached high school and even then I made most of them. We shopped together for fabrics and patterns. It has made some good memories for both of us.