Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Mystery quilt-a-long!

Quiltville has a new mystery quilt-a-long! I am so excited. I've done several with Bonnie and am always happy with the outcome. They are among my favorite quilts. Her designs are amazing and it's so kind of her to share them as freebies with us. To learn more click on Quiltville above. Here are the colors I've picked out for mine. I'm going with the same color theme as Bonnie, double pinks, green and chocolates. You don't see a lot of my backgrounds here because I have them folded together but they are diverse; lots of shirtings, mostly from Little Quilts. I will wait and pick out my border colors later.


Cheryl said...

I am so tempted, but I have enough big quilts! Besides, they have to be quilted. Looking forward to seeing yours' evolve.

Elyte said...

Look forward to seeing this mystery quilt unfold.