Monday, April 5, 2010

Popover Dress

I love love love Oliver + S patterns. If you haven't tried sewing clothes or even if you have and just didn't like it forget all the others and try these. It will change your mind about sewing clothes forever. The popover dress is a free pattern from Liesl of Oliver + S. It was so easy that I whipped out three this afternoon. Aren't they adorable? This first one is using Hunky Dory fabs.

And this is using Heather Mulder's Rebel Roses fab. These dresses are so easy, the pattern is simple to follow and the directions are so clear.

And this was made from some really cute fabs I found at my local Hancock's. I think the line was called M'Liss? Anyway I liked them.

Did I mention that I love Oliver + S patterns?

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