Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sewing Madness

I've been sewing like crazy and having so much fun making clothes for my little one. I've seriously been bitten by the clothes bug lately and find myself looking at fabrics more for clothes than quilting. Never fear though, I am not giving up quilting. In fact I just got a new kaleidescope ruler today and will be beginning a quilt for my son soon, after I finish a couple t-shirt quilts I have on order.

Have I mentioned how much I love Oliver + S patterns? This is the blouse from the new Ice Cream Dress pattern. It is so easy and fun to put together. See my label in there?

I finished Rosalie Quinlan's Welcome Friends basket. This was a fun one as all hers are.

And I've been trying out my new close up filter for my camera. Not quite as good as a macro lens (I have to save up for that) but a lot cheaper. Click on the pic for a bigger image.

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ferne said...

I just made a dress for myself so I know what you mean, but I keep thinking of ways to combine the maybe some little pinwheels for a border along the bottom of a know something fun like that. With all the seams though you would have to line it with I keep thinking...

Never give up quilting or creating!