Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow! I've been lax.

I've been very lax about posting. I have quite a few updates though. I finished the Thimbleberries Home and Garden quilt to give to my mother-in-law. I had completed the top some time ago (as in about 2-3 years ago) and decided I did not like it. The large floral prints just do not appeal to me so I put it away. She loved it though so that worked out wonderfully. I quilted it and gave it to her. This is a block from my LQS Saturday sampler. It's a lovely quilt when finished and I'm very excited about working these blocks. I picked up some crossstitch again over the Christmas holidays. I haven't done any cross stitching in so long but I enjoyed doing it again. This is Cranberry Pinafore by Shepherd's Bush. I now have it framed so I will have to get that picture up.
I'm hard at work on Winter Wonderland by Crabapple Hill. This is a UFO that I started a couple years ago and put down for one reason or another. I have decided this yearI will finish several UFOs and this is number one to finish.
And last but certainly not least something new. As you know I make quite a few t-shirt and memory quilts. This is the first time I've done a calendar quilt. This quit was made from calendars that a customer's mother had collected over the years. They began in 1978! It was challenging to develop the layout as they are so long and narrow and she did want them all on one quilt. I decided to do front and back.

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Cheryl said...

The calendar quilt is very clever and unique! All your projects are wonderful.