Sunday, February 28, 2010

Before and After

Okay we've been very busy with home improvements lately. And by the way, what is it about home improvements that make you want to do more and more? They are very addictive. I have SOOOO many plans still. . . but here is the kitchen before. (Notice the horrible clutter.)
We painted the cabinets, walls, and ceiling, replaced the cabinet hardware and did a backsplash behind the stove AND threw away about 2 tons of clutter. Now we have to tile the floor and do something with the countertops. . . Gotta give a close up on my backsplash. I designed this. Had to do a quilt block you know. The Terra Cotta colored tile is what will be going down on the floor.
Notice the border on the other side of the wall in my after picture. That's next! As is that ugly brown carpet. Coming up! But tile in the kitchen first. The list just keeps growing. Home Depot and Lowe's have so many cool things. Have you been there lately?
Now for some quilting pics. The blocks in this quilt were made by my husband's great aunt. His grandmother gave them to me and asked me to put them together and quilt it. Voila!

This quilt is for a coworker who is having a granddaughter. Hope she likes it!

Here is the back:

And a commissioned quilt. This is for St. Nicholas school. The students drew on squares with fabric markers. Those are the small squares surrounding the school t-shirts.

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