Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knitting, Quilting and Birds. Oh My!

I am trying to teach myself knitting in the hopes of someday making my own socks, among other things. So I bought a book, some needles, and yarn and started with a wash cloth. And look. . . stripes!!

I'm so impressed with myself. Now you knitters extraordinaire out there won't think a think about this I'm sure but I'm just so thrilled that I actually did it. I'm now lost in a knitting dream of striped socks and beautiful sweaters, caps, etc. Reality is beginning to set in though. I started a hat for my daughter. Hmmmm will it ever fit her head? That remains to be seen. But I did finish the dishcloth.

Meantime I have finished another t-shirt quilt. This is for a coworker. She is giving it to her son and his fiance who met at Auburn and are to be married in another couple of months.

Now for the birds. I found this family of bluebirds in our backyard. It started as one or two brave little souls coming over to see what that was I threw out for them (breadcrumbs) and before I was done I had counted five. I'm sure there are more. I'll keep waiting to snap their pics. I love birds.


Anne Sutton said...

I am in love with your knitting! I used to knit and crochet and just a few days ago I got out my yarn and started working on a crochet blanket. I remembered it like it was yesterday. You'll do great and it's so much fun!

Those pictures of your birds look like professional photos! Wonderful!

Carol said...

Good for you. Learning to knit is a wonderful thing. Love the photographs of the birds.