Monday, February 1, 2010

Gotta give a shout out about this stuff!

I just got my order in the mail today for this unbelievable lotion bar. I love love love this lotion bar. I ordered the Blueberry and wow is it wonderful. Quickly absorbing and does not leave a greasy residue at all which is important when handling fabrics and fibers. My skin is much smoother and suppler (is that a word). And it's good quality natural ingredients. Can I say enough good things about this stuff? If you order between now and Valentines there is free shipping! I'm off to order more, now to decide between Cottage Rose and Blackberry Sage. . . hmmmmm.
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And can I say something about this salve? RUN do not walk to your computer (okay guess you're already there) and order this stuff. It is amazing! I have a very bad burn on my hand from my iron and it was red and irriated around the area that had scabbed over (gross huh). It was also itchy. I began putting this salve on as soon as I got it and the redness/itchiness went away, the skin is smoothing out and the whole thing has vastly improved. I have burned myself more than once quilting (call me Grace) and it usually takes a couple weeks for a burn this bad to heal. This thing is almost completely healed in 3 days!!! Best news? This stuff is way more economical than anything I've bought before. A generous tin for $6?? 'Nuff said. Now my peeps, go forth and conquer. . er. . purchase.

No, I'm not affiliated with Lizzy Lane Farm in anyway. I just love finding good quality items & feel the need to share them with you. Hoping others will share their wonderful finds with me. It's a network of love Y.

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Lizzy Lane Farm said...

I'm so glad your burn is getting better!

What a great dishcloth you have there. I used to knit all sorts of things when I was a child sitting beside my grandmother...well I fell off the bike years ago and just last year started knitting again. It was like learning all over again and my first project was a dishcloth too.

If you fold that in 1/2 and sew up the side and bottom, now you made your first soap bag. I like them to hold slivers of old soap.

I bet you didn't know it but you also made your first face cloth too...

Love the stripes and the color.